About me

Therapeutic Work Approach

A confiding and authentic relationship shaping is to me a central requirement for a successful cooperation. My emotion-  and transference focused work approach is characterized by high presence, empathy, and esteem with a clear reference to the concepts of Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) and Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). During the counselling and therapy. I take on an active and instructing role with the focus of attention on self-organization.

Ina Koslowski

Professional Work

    • since 2009: own Berlin practice for individual, couples & sex therapy with a focus on emotions and transference phenomenons
    • Employee and manager counselor in health management at companies with a focus on complex professional issues, specific management topics, conflict management, team moderations, professional career development
    • Academy speaker for different health topics at small and bigger companies, company groups
    • Lecturer at schools for occupational therapy / at accredited institutes for the further education in systemic therapy, couples- and sex therapy
    • Occupational therapist / Systemic therapist for the medical rehabilitation of addiction patients at a all-day outpatient institution / treatment of mentally ill and addict offenders at the Forensic Psychiatry

Professional Background

    • Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) in education
    • Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) / Couples Therapy (EFT-c)
    • Systemic Sex Therapy
    • Systemic Couples Therapy
    • Systemic Counselling and Therapy(SG / DGSF)
    • Intimacy Coordination Level II “Intimacy on Set” with Ita O’Brien
    • HeilprG Psychotherapy
    • Occupational Therapy (BPH)

Memberships in Expert Groups and Societies

    • DGSMTW e.V. – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sexualmedizin, Sexualtherapie und Sexualwissenschaft e.V. (German Society for Sexual Medicine, Sex Therapy and Sexology)
    • DGfS e.V. – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sexualforschung e.V. (German Society for Sexuality Research)
    • ISEFT – International Society for Emotional Focused Therapy
    • DeGEFT – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Emotionsfokussierte Therapie e.V. (German Society for Emotion-Focused Therapy)
    • IG-ISTDP – Integrative Gesellschaft für ISTDP (Integrative Society for ISTDP)
    • iedta – International Experimental Dynamic Therapy Association