Emotion-focused (Psycho-)Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Dealing with Emotions and Emotional States

The initially systemic orientation of the Private Practice with a focus on couples and sex therapy has been realigned over the years. The approaches of Emotion-focused Therapy (EFT) in accordance with Prof. Les Greenberg and Prof. Rhonda Goldman as well as the emotionally and transference focused approach of the ISTDP have been more and more integrated.

The emotion- and transference focused approach of my practice focuses the emotional processing of individual issues and questions in current relationship events. Emotions can be experienced as particularly beneficial, apparently insignificant and also as very restrictive. In any case, emotions are very significant for an aspired process of change. Intense and often hardly bearable emotions like e. g. grief, rage, fear, and shame often challenge not only the individual person, but also the stability and the lived intimacy of the couple. More or less obvious patterns can develop in a relationship and considerably influence the quality and the further emotional course of the relationship.

Topics of the Emotion-focused (Psycho-)Therapy

    • the development of a conscious awareness of individual feelings
    • the long-term change of negative conflict cycles in the relationship
    • the development of an appropriate and healthy dealing with intense feelings
    • the development of emotional stability even in crisis situations
    • the emotional coping with stress in terms of self-reassurance
    • the strengthening of positive emotions like curiosity, joy, pride, empathy, joyful anticipation, respect, interest, care etc..

Would you like to learn more about emotions and emotional states in general or explore your own emotional style in accordance to the theory model of EFT? Are you looking for exercises for a broader understanding of individual emotional reactions or for different dealings? If so, you will find free information and suggestions for practical exercises and self-awareness tasks on e. g. the website The Emotion Compass.

You can also watch the short animations “Alfred & Shadow” by Anne Hilde Hagen (in English), that deal with self-criticism, general emotions, and the feeling of having fear.