Couples Counselling & Couples Therapy

Relationship Building & Fulfilling Relationship

Most couples visit the Private Practice, if the conflict with the partner increases or escalates, if the beloved person becomes more and more reserved or turns away. At the latest if conflicts cannot be ended or extend to other areas, many couples experience a feeling of emotional strain or being overstretched. The question, whether a couples therapy can still help with this situation, is frequently raised at the practice. The trust between the partners may be already at high risk or lost, the partners may have been already questioning the relationship, considering escaping to outside contacts or may have already started an affair. The couples often answer to the above-mentioned question, that indeed the outside support is helpful to find a clarification first and to work mutually and sustainably on the relationship quality afterwards. But also, before “chronic” conflicts develop and grow out of control, it can be useful to stabilize the existing high quality of a relationship.

Topics of Couples Therapy

All topics, that you are dealing with as a couple or also as an individual within the following spectrum of topics, are welcome:

    • relationship ability and fulfillment in relationship
    • communication in relationship
    • sexuality in relationship
    • coping with a crisis
    • dealing with affairs
    • significant life stages and events
    • dealing with intense feelings and emotions in relationship
    • dealing with grief
    • loss of a partner
    • ending relationships / grief counselling
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