Sex Counselling & Sex Therapy

The Focus on Intimacy and Body Language Communication

In my private practice approaches of emotion-focused therapy (EFT) in accordance with Prof. Les Greenberg and Prof. Rhonda Goldman and the emotion- and transference focused approach of the ISTDP (intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy) are getting integrated. The understanding of sexuality leads to a method of couples and sex therapy, that is greatly influenced and shaped by the concept of syndiastic sex therapy. Cf. Beier, Loewit, Ahlers, Pauls, 2004, Lust in Beziehung – Einführung in die syndiastische Sexualtherapie [Desire in Relationship – Introduction to Syndiastic Sex Therapy], Berlin, Springer. 

You can find more information about this couples related therapy approach, that was developed by the Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine in Berlin, and certified contact persons on the website of Syndiastic Sex Therapy.

Topics of Sex Therapy

All concerns regarding sexuality, that you as a couple or an individual are dealing with, are welcome:

    • non-satisfying communication and relationship shaping in the realm of sexuality
    • relationship crises caused by disappointments and breaches of trusts like e. g. through the disclosure of sexual contacts outside the relationship or through the confrontation with formerly outsourced and hidden sides of sexuality
    • coping with sexual dysfunctions
    • sexual identity
    • dealing with the desire to have children, that has not been realized (yet) or feels one-sided
    • understanding and dealing with the individual or shared sexual experience and behavior
    • dealing with emotions in the realms of sexuality and intimacy
    • issues regarding the individual sexual identity, sexual orientation or preference
    • sexuality and growing older
    • sexuality and physical / mental impairments