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The Private Practice Ina Koslowski is mainly focused on the broad spectrum of relationship, sexuality, and emotion topics. It offers couples counselling & couples therapy, sex counselling & sex therapy as well as emotion-focused (psycho-)therapy for individuals and couples.

External counselling, Emotional Competences Training as well as tailor-made seminars and workshops are part of the broader service offers.

The intimacy coordination and counselling of film-makers are being aimed at people from the film and television business as well as from the theater business, who deal with the production of scenes depicting intimacy and sexuality on film sets and on stage.

To offer English speaking clients and binational couples a direct access to the above-mentioned services, all sessions can be also held in English.

If you do not have the possibility to visit the practice in person, you can keep your appointments online anytime.

If you have any further questions or if you like to arrange an appointment, please contact me preferably via email. The confidentiality obligation already begins with the very first contact.

Private Practice Ina Koslowski
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Couples Counselling & Couples Therapy

Couples Counselling & Couples Therapy
Requests, of why couples visit my practice, are diverse: e. g. the desire to help clear up a relationship, the understanding of a painful emotional experience, the rehabilitation of trust or the altered dealing with intense feelings. In any case the focus is on improving communication and enhancing the quality of life and the relationship.


Sexual Counselling and Sex Therapy 

Foto: hello_beautiful /; Foto eines Paares mit geschlossenen Augen in Umarmung
Sex Counselling and Sex Therapy for Individuals and Couples
The initial systemic approach has been extended to the approach of emotion-focused therapy for individuals and couples in accordance with Prof. Les Greenberg and Prof. Rhonda Goldman. The understanding of sexuality leads to a method of sex counselling and sex therapy, that is greatly influenced and shaped by the concept of syndiastic sex therapy.


Emotion-focused (Psycho-)Therapy

Emotion-focused Therapy / Couples Therapy Berlin Pankow; Foto: svennesvenson /
Emotion-focused (Psycho-)Therapy for Individuals and Couples

The approach of emotion-focused (psycho-)therapy is focused on processing individual issues and questions. Emotions can be experienced as particularly beneficial, apparently insignificant and also as very restrictive. In any case, emotions are very significant for an aspired process of change. Intense and often hardly bearable emotions like e. g. grief, rage, fear, and shame often challenge not only the individual person, but also the stability and the lived intimacy of the couple.

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Intimacy Coordination & Counselling of Film-Makers

Intimacy Coordination & Counselling of Film-Makers

The spectrum of interpersonal co-existence in job, private and intimate life is really diverse. Authentic productions of scenes of nudity, intimacy and sexual acts – in film, television or theater – often particularly challenge all involved people.

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Tailor-made Offers

Would you like to get information about further offers like e. g. external counselling? Are you interested in the participation in a group or seminar? Would you like to receive an offer for a workshop, that is particularly tailored to the request of your organization or business? Please write me an email and I will get back to you immediately.